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Erasmus Policy Statement

European Policy Statement of The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business in Piotrków Trybunalski

1a. The strategic objectives of The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business are above all: constant improvement of educational system, that is open for new methods and techniques of teaching, adapted to the needs of local, Polish and European job market, providing students with the highest quality of education. Creating a vision of modern school, excellently managed, friendly to workers, students and surroundings. The School creates the net of local interrelationships with regional businesses, institutions and local authority regulators in order to better identify the needs and to adjust the School offer. The School intensifies the cultural function in the town and region.

Despite the scientific and didactic challenges for students, the School works for the benefit of town and region by organizing open lectures, conferences, postgraduate studies and courses, cultural and sport events, charities, labour fairs. Special attention should be driven to “Piotrków Open and International Lectures”, which are organized in the university since the beginning of it’s existence. The lecturers are given by the personage from Poland and the world: scientists, politicians, representatives of the state, ambassadors from all over the world.

In 2007 the University was given Standard Erasmus Charter. During the academic year 2010/2011 first students, academic teachers as well as administrative staff will actively take part in the Erasmus  programme. The students are also very interested in taking part in internships in  foreign companies.

The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business pays special attention to the European Union`s THE  LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME (2007-2013). We know that it is never too late to study so we propagate the idea of lifelong learning. On the initiative of The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business the University of the Third Age came into existence in Piotrków Trybunalski.  It is the first institution of this type in the town. The objective of the School is to provide the elderly with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and interests.

In order to encourage both: the students and the teaching staff to participate in the European initiatives, The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business wants to organise a promotional/ informational campaign on the Erasmus programme. The School is going to use the following tools of promotion:

- organization of meetings and lectures joined with the  multimedia presentation.
- direct means of communication (leaflets, brochures, posters)
- printed articles (articles about the exchange of students  in the school magazine: „Do gwiazd”)

In order to introduce all the interested people to the idea of the Erasmus programme and student exchanges the School plans to organise informational meetings and regular talks accompanied by computer presentations. Another opportunity to popularise the Programme will be Educational Fairs, European Culture Days and the Day of the School.

1b. The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business ensures the transparency of Erasmus activities. All the information regarding the Erasmus program are available on the internet website of the School and in the International Cooperation Office. The Erasmus University Charter together with Erasmus Policy statement accepted by the School Senate, will be given to the public knowledge by placing it on the School’s website and in the show-cases on the School’s premises.

1c. The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business is the School of  EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES .

We guarantee all our students equal access to knowledge and education regardless of their religion, sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation. In our school there haven’t been any acts of violence, persecution or harassment. The students are brought up harmoniously with the human rights. We try hard to ensure appropriate conditions for all students with disabilities by removing as many barriers as possible.

2. The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business tries to ensure its students the best quality of academic exchange. In all fields of studies the ECTS system was introduced, this enables the transfer of ECTS points obtained by the students in foreign universities, and full recognition of the studies abroad. International Cooperation Office together with the Dean are doing their best while choosing the subjects in Learning Agreement, so the subjects would be compatible to the program of studies in their mother university. The classes and lectures are conducted by highly-qualified academic teachers, who are experienced also in fields other than academic. On the School’s website there are information regarding Erasmus Programme and the details regarding the exchange of students and academic teachers. Students are informed about the formalities that they need to accomplish in order to take part in Erasmus Programme. The School tries hard to sufficiently prepare the students to the Erasmus Programme. Additionally for the students who are taking part in Erasmus Programme the language courses are available.

The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business provides help in settling down all the formalities related to the studies and stay in Piotrków. The University offers the exchange students comfortable accommodation in the hotel near the School. For the foreign students the catalogue of subjects conducted in English as well as the English handbook is available. For our guests we will organise open lectures and workshops concerning Polish history and culture. For our foreign students we enriched our offer in Polish language classes. The School cares about the integration of foreigners with the Polish students. Our student government is ready to introduce our foreign guests to the students life at The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business. The School plan is to offer every foreign student a ‘Polish guardian student’ of The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business.

3. The Stefan Batory Higher School of Business cares about the best preparation of it’s students to the requirements of the job market. The aim of the internship is the ability of usage the theoretical knowledge in practice. During the internships the students get to know specificity of working in different positions and in different branches and are gaining practical knowledge related to the major they had chosen. Together with partner universities the School plans to find the places for internships in proper companies. Students may also look for the internships on their own. In order to ensure high quality of the internship the School has the Careers Information Office, which takes care of the organizations of the internships. The Careers Information Office will take care about the accurate choice of the company, compatible with the educational path and student’s skills. For each major the internship programs were separately elaborated. The programme is the base to the precise elaboration of internship program. Between the School and the institution in which the internship is taking place an agreement is signed. The above mentioned agreement includes the information regarding the internship program, the amount of students on the internship and the time frames of the internship. The agreement points out the supervisors from the school and institution side. The School tries to monitor the internship by being in constant contact with the institution and the student. If the student decides so, the internship might be qualified as the compulsory internship defined in the Status of the School. Before the students departure to a foreign country the students take part in additional language courses. The credit for the students’ internship is based on the documentation from the course of internship, the opinion of the internship supervisor and the results of the control of the internship.

Guests and lecturers
mł. insp. Dariusz Walichnowski
Komendant Miejski Policji w Piotrkowie Trybunalskim
dr Jacek Saryusz-Wolski
Krzysztof Chojniak
Prezydent Miasta Piotrkowa Trybunalskiego
Jan Krzysztof Bielecki
Przewodniczący Rady Gospodarczej
Cezary Grabarczyk
Wicemarszałek Sejmu RP
Grzegorz Napieralski
Poseł na Sejm RP
John Godson
Poseł na Sejm RP
Jacek Rozenek
trener i coach oraz popularny aktor teatralny, filmowy i telewizyjny
Leszek Miller
Przewodniczący SLD
Taras Rudko
Wicedyrektor Muzeum Historycznego we Lwowie
Katarzyna Rogowiec
Medalistka paraolimpijska, mistrzyni Polski, Europy i Świata w narciarstwie klasycznym i w lekkiej atletyce
Walery Szwiec
prof. dr hab. Lech Kaczyński
były Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
Ryszard Kalisz
Poseł na Sejm RP
Febe Potgieter-Gqubule
Ambasador Republiki Południowej Afryki w Polsce
Donald Tusk
Przewodniczący Platformy Obywatelskiej
Ibnu Sanyoto
Ambasador Republiki Indonezji
Akira Tajima
Dyrektor Ośrodka Informacji i Kultury Ambasady Japonii
prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Pietrasiak
Wykładowca WSH